Traffic Tech International has been using KDM Logistics for FCL container drayage since their inception of Oct. 2011.

It is with great pleasure to have the opportunity to assure, advise, and accolade their stellar service.

Our relationship with KDM is not only narrowed to that of the FCL service but also includes local GTA and outlaying areas.

KDM has demonstrated a keen understanding of our business requirements and go out of their way to offer alternatives and solutions to the ever-changing process within the transportation industry. The relationship that has developed over the last few months is one of reliability, excellent communication, and even has a family of oriented dynamic in that you feel as though you are working with a team of individuals who truly understand the importance of making sure all goes well.

KDM is successful because of the People. Everyone has great inter-personal skills and is consummately professional, knowledgeable and courteous.

Everyone is available when you need him or her and they always know where your freight is with continual tracking updates.

Traffic Tech has little doubt with regard to the status of our shipments, working with KDM.

We are happy to continue a long and lasting relationship.